Fuck Yeah Blackhawk Boys
For all those lovely Blackhawk players we love <3 New and old.

I made this Tumblr so I could have a place to express my love for the Blackhawks in my own way.

If you want to know a little bit about me, click "The Girl Who Gives A Puck"

I don't own any photos unless stated otherwise.

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One Goal Achieved



All these photos of the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup on my dash

Oh you know, just hanging out with my best friend Tommy Hawk at the Brent Seabrook signing.

Oh you know, just hanging out with my best friend Tommy Hawk at the Brent Seabrook signing.

I don’t think I saw this one on Tumblr yet. Makes me all teary eyed <3 

Ok, just wondering, did anyone else see Skille drop his mouth-guard?

Or kane almost drop his stick after he scored. Kinda made my night lmao.

FINALLY going to a Blackhawks practice today


Anyone else from Tumblr going?

So practice was awesome

We got there early so we were standing right on the glass. Super awesome. I made awkward eye contact with Toews…it was awkward lmao.

I ended up getting Hendry, Leddy, and Coach Q to sign my One Goal Achieved book. And I had short conversations with each of them so that was cool.

Me and Hendry used “teamwork” to uncap a sharpie, I made him laugh. Go Jamie.

Leddy was quiet and shy while signing stiff, such a cutie. And after he signed my book, my friend mentioned how awesome it was because he is one of my favorite players. And I replied with “Well of course, I have to love him, we share the same number” (I have been wearing the number 8 during the 7 years I have been playing hockey) He then turned back and smiled and said “Oh you wear 8 too? That’s awesome”. Go Jamie again, got Leddy to talk lol.


And then lastly with Coach Q, the best one. He took off his sunglasses to take a picture with someone, and when he put them back they were really crooked lol. So I went “Hey Q, your glasses are a little crooked” He laughed, fixed them and replied back with “Just like my mustache” (Did I ever tell you I love Q?) But I replied that his mustache is beautiful and he doesn’t have to worry. He then had to try 3 diffent time to sign my book…I guess the sharpie was mad or something…we had a good chuckle about it.

Then I ate at the Palace Grill. Great food. I will post pictures later today.

If you guys want to see all the pictures I took from practice, I put them on my Flickr

They skate too damn fast to take a good picture…lol

I’m declaring it now,

My future husband will be forced to either grow a playoff beard or cut his hair into a mullet. If he doesn’t, he will not get laid until after the Stanley Cup Final. 

2011 Playoffs: Sweet Emotion
Scoreboard highlight reel from the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs